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DR. Popa

Christian V. Popa

Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon


  1. University of Bucharest
    Medical School, Medical Degree
  2. University of Witswatersrand - Johannesburg - South Africa
    Specialization in General Surgery & Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  3. University of Athens - Medical School
    Specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Title of Specialist in Plastic Surgery


  1. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
    U.S.A. - New York - Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital
  2. Microsurgery
    Greece - Athens - K.A.T. Hospital
  3. Dr. C.V.Popa has published in prestigious medical journals


Dr. Popa has been working as a Plastic Surgeon in Cyprus since 1998.


The objective of Plastic Surgery is to produce changes that are harmonious with your body; results that will be viewed by others as producing a healthy, glowing appearance rather than a tight over-operated look. Frequently, you will find the benefits to be both physical and psychological.

The decision to undergo any plastic surgical procedure, cosmetic or reconstructive, should not be taken lightly and not solely at the suggestion or encouragement of others. Knowing yourself, your wants, desires and having realistic expectations will enable you to more fully benefit from these rejuvenating and reshaping procedures. An in-depth discussion with Dr. Popa will provide you with many of these answers.

With new forms of medication and safe, effective methods of anaesthesia, pain is not felt during the operation and is minimal afterward. The majority of the surgery is performed on outpatient basis which means you do not have to stay overnight or even worry about being in a hospital. Confidence and motivation are improved through cosmetic surgery enabling one to interact with family, friends and work associates, in a positive manner.

Now with new computer imaging techniques the patient can see before the operation how they will look after the surgery.